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Orlowski takes down BloggerCon

THE REGISTER -- It comes as no surprise that the man who hates blogging would abhor BloggerCon. Some revealing snippets in his diatribe:

  • "Winer is real. Winer is a software developer, but one very few software developers people have heard of: he developed outlining software for the Macintosh in the 1980s and claims co-authorship of a couple of obscure web protocols."
  • The blog vendor lobby sees bloggers "as a worm farm, to be harvested at leisure."
  • "The only way I would attend such a conference is with a bottle in front of me or a frontal lobotomy," wrote Dwight Meridith.
  • "Today's tools vendors and their permaflunkies (are) a contingent of reporters, 'analysts' and marketeers who have unearthed a lucrative junket circuit by exploiting weblogging."
  • "If Blogger and MT and LiveJournal all dissolved into the ether tomorrow, I would still be a cartoonist. I would still be trying to do cartoons and animation, and I would still be trying to post news links and interesting things on my website. The only thing that would change would be the level of convenience. That's why I find the blogging paradigm overplayed." -- August Pollak
  • "Imagine how tedious newspapers would be if every other story proclaimed "We use INK!!!" The writers don't care, and the readers don't care, how this message was delivered: but readers do care about quality. "

Well, I almost want to attend BloggerCon because Orlowski won't be there. But I've heard he's actually coming, so what should I do? Those of my inner circle say I should focus on setting up a Web Writers Workshop during the 2004 Kilkenny Arts Festival. Sounds good to me.

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