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More stupid recording industry

Seth GodinTWO OF MY DAILY reads point the stupid finger at same-old same-old recording industry behaviour. Both Seth Godin and Joi Ito note the record industry sued a little old lady named Sarah Ward. She's not a pirate. She doesn't download music. The RIAA dropped the suit but don't sound apologetic. Godin wonders why doesn't the RIAA say, "This is terrific! She's an honest citizen and we're proud of her. We made a mistake and we apologize. We're sending Ms. Ward a hundred CDs to apologize for bothering her. If there are any other cases like this one, we'll drop them immediately." That kind of reaction would get me back into buying CDs again.

Seth Godin -- "Liars, cheats and fools"
Joi Ito -- "Record Industry sues first, thinks later, no apologies"