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May 16, 2004

Build your own stun gun

SLASHDOT -- Mariox19 wonders if people have thought about "what to do with your disposable camera when you're finished with it? TechTV has an article describing how to reach out and zap someone with a home-made stun gun." Now that would be a real Kodak Moment. In his latest Cryptogram, Bruce Schneier half-jokingly warns not to let airport security find out about this, lest they ban cameras along with nail clippers. Accordingly, the first rule of the Home Stun Gun Club is. Don't go telling people about your garage armory--the place with the assorted sledge hammers, nail gun and potato gun.

I don't know about hand-rolling a taser from a disposable camera. Compared to a real taser--the kind you can get for a good price on eBay--a photoflash capacitor stores a lower voltage, direct current high amperage charge which is delivered all at once. Sure, it can knock someone down if directed at their heart. But if you just strike flesh, it just burns and tingles. Which means you still have to remember to run fast. With a real stun gun, you get high frequency alternating current and very low amperage sparks.

Any time you can get a battery, capacitor, and some wire together, you have the resouces to make a simplistic taser. For several months, I couldn't get batteries through Dublin Aiport Security on their own. Then Detective Sergeant Michael Walsh kindly cut through all those annoying scanners with me in tow and I showed my Aer Lingus cabin crew my stash after we landed in JFK. They weren't amused.

Neither was John Gulya years ago after I charged up a capacitor, blurted out, "Hey, John!" and tossed it to him across the technical drawing class. Normally some other nosey student would reach up and grab the thing in midair and get an evil surprise.

I take no responsibility for unveiling this technology.

  1. Leave the connection to the flash tube intact.
  2. Increase the capacity of the HV cap by adding capacitors salvaged from other cameras, or from PC power supplies.
  3. Check the voltage rating. Often, they're rated at 800uF@200V, if your flash light operates around 200V, connect two of them in series (+ -)(+ -).
  4. You can get nice, very *bright* flashes with this method. Do not add to much or the flash time will explode.


  • Never touch power supply caps, they can store 10x - 20x the energy of flash caps, which is lethal. Brother Mike stuns junkyard cats with this simple tech.
  • Discharge the CAPs from the power supplies before salvaging.
  • Discharge the unit after use with an *isolated* gripper, better yet, a high-wattage resistor (few kOhms) hold by an *isolated* gripper.

You should be aware that when a significant jolt of electricity courses through your body, it destroys cells, including those that do important things like regulate heart rhythm. When the cells burn up, they explode. If they're muscle cells, they ooze myoglobin. Too much myoglobin clogs up your kidneys. You need to take on fluid to push out fluids to protect your kidneys. We learned this after we zapped an avionics maintenance specialist downrange at an austere operating location.

Slashdot -- "Build your own stun gun"
Joey the Intern -- "Dark Tip: Reach out and stun someone"


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I have gotten a wallop from a flash gun. It was a larger model (probably equivalent to two smaller ones) and I got the shock when I (foolishly) opened the battery compartment while the flash was charged. Obviously, it wasn't designed quite the way it should have been and the capacitor discharged through the batteries into my fingers. I got a terrible shock, and a tiny, but painful burn. Didn't do that again in a hurry, I'll tell you.

if u buy a stun gun of the internet do customs confiscate it?

It depends what the tag says is in the package. You can't fly commercial with a stun gun so most places won't let you get a stun gun through a customs check.

in my quest to build a stun gun i have found 2 sites to be very helpful
http://repairfaq.ece.drexel.edu/sam/samschem.htm#schmi1 and http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/science/017/

We train with taking hits from stun batons and like most things one can indeed become tolerant to the shocks but there is a terrible side effect that many people need to know about, and that is that all things can be too much after a certain point and in shocking ones self if done with say a T.E.N.S unit on your throat you can disrtupt the hearts natural rhythm and can also make for one hell of a heart attack, like KO training electrical shock training, pepper foam aerosol training must be done carefully and have training in rescue techniques and supplies to reverese the damage that come from some of the training more intense folks try be prepared.

If anyone has photo's of human skin after coming into contact with a TASER (Stun Gun) send them to me.

Does anyone know of a website/company that sell Stun Guns to the UK?

Does anyone know if there is a distributor to Australia??? Cheers...

hi, does anyone know where you can buy stun guns in the UK. its starting to get a bit ruf in my area. Ebay doesnt send to the UK i tried that. please help jason

Stun Guns are illigal in the uk. there was some company based somewhere in europe sending guns via royal mail to uk address last year. but some reporter ran a story about it and the police stopped them.

I don't known why we can't buy stun guns as we need to protect ourselfs as crime is getting too much. when i was driveing i had my vehicle broken in to and iwas beaten up for the goods on it. then was asked by the boss why i let them have it. so does anyone think they can help.

capacitors must be put together in parallel in order to add their potentials, not series.

I can tell you these things do give you quite a shock. Years back I asked the people at a 1-Hour Dev store if I could go through their bin to take away some of the disposed disposable cameras, they had no problem with it.

My hope was to re-create a camera somehow.

My arm dug around inside the bin until I touched one of these capacitors - BBZZZZZTTT!!! AIIIIIEEE!! (I screamed, causing a bit of disturbance in the shop)

It more more of a shock than actual pain -
no pun intended.

hi guys... i dont know how to read these diagrams because i never learn it yet. Do u know any other site that shows pictures how to do it that way i can copy the exact thing. please link me if u know any.

everyones been asking but nobodys answering i want a stun gun in the uk were the ?@** do i get one someone must know ?????????? e mail me please.

Hey guys I was cruising around the net for info on how many watts a stun baton that I was going to buy puts out and I came across this site. It seems that a lot of people from the U.K. are looking for information on how to build a stun gun because I can't legally obtain one over there and maybe I could be of some assistance. First off from what I seem to be reading and coming across on some self defense sites is stun guns/tasers are illegal in the U.K. so your best bet if you want to buy a stun gun produced by a major manufacturer is to contact someone on ebay or one of the mom and dad self defense stores on the internet and ask them if they ship the to U.K. I have come across plenty of sites that will ship anywhere no questions asked because possessing a stun weapon is legal in their area so they can't get in trouble with the law by shipping it elsewhere. A good place to start is www.froogle.com or yahoo products. Just type in stun baton or taser and plenty of small business selling these types of personal protection items will come up. But just because they send it doesn't mean that it won't be confiscated by customs. The other option is to build a stun guy by yourself. If you have a background in electronics then this shouldn't be too difficult. If you lack the required know-how then you can always to go a electronic repair tech. most people working at a television/dvd/playstation repair place should have the knowledge of electronics to be able to easily assemble a stun device given a proper schematic w/a parts list. A good place to find a schematic, parts list, pictures, and detailed instructions is at:

I've listed the google cached page so it won't put an un-nessary burden on who ever is hosting this free web-page. The stun gun listed here will produce 75,000 Volts with a starting peak power of 25,000 watts. This is should be enough power to knock most people on their ass no problem seeing as most stun guns are in the range of 100,000 Volts to 500,000 Volts and 9-30 Watts. The amount of Watts is more generally more important then the amount of voltage because it is the current that affects the body. I hope that I have been of some help for people seeking a means of self protection. On a related note it seems to me and a lot of other pro-gun people in the U.S. that your recent increase in crime is directly related to the disarming of the general populace. The criminals know that guns, rifles, and many non-lethal weapons or now illegal so they can now victimize anyone who they think is physically weaker. Criminals still get their weapons on the black market the same as before and innocent law abiding citizens are a lot less capable of defending themselves. It is worth educating yourself on the direct link between crime, violence, and guns. A good place to start is http://www.a-human-right.com/ I believe once you have seen the statistics that the choice between legalizing the possession of guns and rifles for law abiding citizens and banning them so only criminals and police have access to a effective means of defense will become clear. Educate yourself and then make your own decision about allowing law abiding citizens access to the weapons that criminals can already buy though the black market. And don't forget to let your stance be known to your politicians. As Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers of our country once said: "A nation that wish's to be ignorant and to remain free is a nation that never was and never will be."

Best of luck,

if anyone could help me in building a stun gun be appreciated i have some knowledge in electronics. is it legal to build a stun gun for educational and experimental use in Australia ? i thought it was legal to have a stun gun if you had a security license ?

yah, they hurt alot! i stuck a wrench to the capacitor and pow a huge spark came off of it

hi i just now studied the basics of stun gun & tried it out . the spark was unbelievable . so kindly not buy any stun devices which r not legal . the best way is to assemble your own one and use it when nessesary . also dont forget to check the voltage at the probes. if u use the capacitor of double the value then the voltage is doubled & the wattage is reduced 2 1/2.so friends try to get newer prototypes which suits u better. and i would try new things & then tell u what are they.

For those that do not have the knowledge or experience, please educate yourselves about the subject and proper safety measurements before ever touching any components and be very very careful. I've developed many self protection devices over the years, and have also had a few accidents, one very serious. Whether it be a hand held stun gun, stunning glove, or multiple stunning leads self defense jacket, the electronic's involved are potentially lethal. Some of the capacitors in disposable camera's can actually melt the tip of a screwdriver placed across the leads.

If anyone needs a stun gun let me know
Thanks J.D.

Ya i built a awsome stun gun out of a camera i pulled the cover plate off and bang i woke up 3 seconds later and i was still there with some nice burn marks on my finger i added a simple switch to regulate capasiter charging very handy and 2 wire atached to blunt nails i cover the whole thing in electrical tape and it can diliver a shock great enough to plow to pin hole in a beer can. This dose just enough to make any thing think twice it dose take a few seconds to charge i belive it was one of those instant camras that used 1 by 1 in film works great

Hi does any one know websit/companythat sells stun guns to uk with out any hassel

hey i need a gun!!!

Yo just have someone (outside the U.K.) you know (and trust) buy a taser, then just buy it off them; or get them to buy you one.
You can also have a friend fly via privite flight and get one, or you could go yourself...
And by-the-way, my listed e-mail adress is bogus; I don't acctualy have one, and the one listed isn't mine(i don't know who's it is).

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