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May 30, 2004

Lushe Power Search

LusheSAY YOU HAVE hundreds of bookmarks that support an academic journey and that by visiting those bookmarks you will reach a higher level of understanding about sophisticated concepts. You could read and revise and learn. Or you could ask yourself questions in Google and let trusted authorities help form the answers. For that, you need Lushe.net. It allows you to easily build a list of your favourite sites, and then search only those sites using Google. This allows you to only search sites relevant to you and your interests.

So you could set up Lushe just to search the A-list bloggers. You populate your personal lushe cache by pressing a button in your links bar, thus adding a site to your list or access the search functionality. This is all done without leaving the page you are browsing, making things as simple and as easy to use as possible.

Glen Murphy -- Lushe and other projects
x_ref125mw resources


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Spammers are lame but so are bloggers; you are both not going to get laid due to any of this.

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