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August 15, 2004

Tampatantrum in a bottle

ROBYN O'ROURKE POLLMAN'S old sites are like time in a bottle. Her wicked blogging took a domestic turn when she became a mom but unlike other blogs that died, Tampatantrum remains a frozen memento to the spirit that ain't too proud to blog. Things had to change--Robyn had to lock down her personal journal. Robyn took a lot of heat from fundamentalists who got personal in their comments. That didn't stop her from sharing design ideas, recipes, and playlists. She also inspired dozens of my students to start writing with passion and blogging with purpose.

If you're bothered by the same-old same-old repetition by those bloggers who are part of your daily reads, then you should bookmark Robyn's blogroll and enjoy an adventure in well-read blogging. Or if you want a lesson in how to compose photos from a master designer, click into Robyn's Shutterblog once a week. Between changing nappies, Robyn shares the real world with thousands of readers a month. Robyn's stuff makes me want to return to Oklahoma for a summer thunderstorm or a Sooner Home Game.

Robyn Pollman O'Rourke had a cult following for three years. Google acknowledges that and gives her shuttblog top five placement when you look up her name. She's the URL without Robyn in the name. She's the real thing.

Tampatantrum -- freeze dried in 2002.
Shutterblog with online tutorials about photoblogging.



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