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November 08, 2004

Pron Clips

Pron ClipsCONCERNED THAT I might need some Google juice but knowing that this post will also attract waves of comment spammers, I'm sharing some pron clips that I stumbled across in my referrer logs. They're from a Lyzardly Photo Set and much tamer than Euan Semple's latest foray into the banned words list. My Border Manager prevents many inappropriately labeled file names from transiting the network. I'm pushing it when I offer technical advice on how to photocopy your bum, an activity I discovered forms an integral part of many Irish office Christmas parties. There's a problem when an electronic warden prevents students from exploring playfulness of expression. Lacking that exploration, they won't develop a sophisticated sense of visual aesthetics and they won't understand past Irish greats, such as Ulysses or be able to view full-frontals by Michelangelo or Mapplethorpe. They might not learn how to write. But I know as long as they learn through a virtual classroom, they will appreciate the fact that the internet will work around blockades and content sweepers. If you want it, you can find it with the right set of internet tools. That's an important fact of the wired classroom I have learned to appreciate the most.  

Lyzardly Moblog for snaps that bring me back to NYC.

Euan Semple -- "No more Mr Nice Guy"

Bonus Links: Mixed Nuts and Grabbers from Flickr.



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I'll never look at a paper clip the same again

no comment

i like it in the bum too!

clip download

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