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SkypeOut cheaper than text-in

SKYPE -- My first 30 days using SkypeOut services prove it is less expensive for me to use my Skype VoIP phone to call friends on their mobiles in Ireland or Arizona than it is for me to send SMS text messages to them.

It costs me 10 cents and 15 cents to send text via SMS to mobile phones in Ireland and Arizona respectively. Skype charges me two cents and one cent per minute respectively to call mobile phones in Ireland and Arizona. I do not need a calculator to realise that I suddenly have enough money to buy a used iPod with the money I save through now and June 2005 if I continue using Skype-out as my primary method of contacting friends with mobile phones.

If this is not a fluke, then many will benefit when Skype is approved as a regularised VoIP operator in the Irish market. In meantime, nothing precludes the smart money from using Skype-out now.

Skype-out used over EsatBT Home connections between Vodafone, O2 and Verizon mobile phone networks. Skype handset is not required to garner the savings even though Ruth (in picture) finds it more convenient to use than a geeky headset.
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