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Motorola V710 Bluetooth Hack

IF YOU NEED need a hack to enable Bluetooth on the Motorola V710, you can wade through the bitchfest on Russ Beattie's blog or go directly to the hack. Don't expect me to e-mail you the files. You have to dig for them. People on Howard Forums are talking about the files in the Verizon forum at

If you came to this thread looking for a way to enable the V710 for OBEX (which is what you need to transfer a V710 phonebook to your car's phonebook), you're out of luck. 

You need to use your head to find the files outlined in this post. It means going to the web addresses that people linked to for certain files. We will try to consolidate the downloads on this site before the end of June 2005.

The "hack" below is more than eight months old now. It was proposed before the release of the .OR version of Verizon software. The "Superdave Hack" is the new Verizon software coupled with a 41a seem edit and what that means is you'll be able to transfer files via Bluetooth if you have Mobile Phonetools and a Bluetooth adapter on your computer. The Superdave Hack does not allow you to do Bluetooth transfers from your V710 to another BT-enabled device, something I'm able to do with my Nokia 9500 Communicator.

Here is the guts of the V710 Bluetooth Hack, with the warning "do it at your own risk." You need to ensure the phone is unplugged from the computer before commencing. This hack requires Windows XP drivers to work correctly.

    What you need:

  • USB to Motorola phone data cable that is compatible with the v710. This is on eBay for less than $20. The future dial cable is not good enough.
  • Windows XP -PST 7.11 and the activation disabler (PST_uni_patch.exe)
  • Superdave's firmware.

Here are the basics of the V710 hack, thanks to superdave, howardforms, and those hosting the requisite files:

  1. Install PST 7.11. Let it install all the updates for XP.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Copy PST_uni_patch.exe to C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST and then run it. Make sure it was successfull with all six operations. Then click finish.
  4. Turn on phone and plug it into the USB cable. Windows should detect it. Point the Driver search wizard to C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST It should now find the drivers and install the phone as Motorola USB Modem.
  5. On the start menu in the Motorola PST folder, run the "Flash & Test Commands" program.
  6. Windows will now redetect your phone as a USB Composite device, and begin asking for drivers. Again, point it to C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST. It should do this a few times to install all the drivers it needs.
  7. In the Flash & Test program, it should show your phone in the Devices section. If not, try exiting and then opening the Flash & Test command program again.
  8. If the phone is in the devices section, click browse to select the firmware from superdave. Click the flash button.
  9. This process will take a few minutes, so don't mess with the phone or program. Wait until it says the flash has completed. Once it compeltes, check the "errors" section for any problems.
  10. The phone will probably reboot at this point, but just power it off again. Pull out the battery for 60 seconds. Then plug it back in.
  11. Your phone will shows a "No Service" message but that is not a problem. Type *228 and the dial button (green button). It should then call up your service probider through an automated activation service. Choose option 1 so it programs the phone automatically. Wait until it says it is done with the process before powering off the phone.
  12. You should be done now!

Russ Beattie -- "Bluetooth crippled in Verizon V710"
Russell Beattie -- "Moto V710 Bluetooth hack" via Howard Forums and Superdave.
Bonus Link: SourceForge -- Download bitpim