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March 12, 2005

Tagging is aggregating

KILKENNY -- As much as I hate rough-cut folksonomies (they're spam magnets), I have to admit that if more people writing about Ireland tagged their content as , you could scoot into Technorati's and read your daily snippet of Irish life from inside Technorati. Tagging with could create a simple surface look at what Irish bloggers were saying at the moment.

It's rudimentary because you will get too much signal from the techies who know how to work the tags from several angles--their own blogs, their pointer blogs, their FURLs, Flickrs and Delicious accounts. But for the newbies and for those writing about this blogging thing, Technorati's section lets them see what all the buzz is about.

And that is a good thing because it shows the extent of discussion in the two-way web.

It's important to mention that one of the reasons Flickr is such an enjoyable time-sink is its tags. You can start grazing in Flickr and find yourself in all sorts of interesting places. Flickr tags create the channels for the diversions. Flickr photos create the stickiness and hold your attention well beyond the time you may want to spend there.

Now go see this on Technorati's .
This has been an experiment in tag verbosity.
Bonus Link -- Kilkenny photoset, where I'm selling a four-bedroom house.


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bernie, since you are a great fan of techorati tags, maybe you could help me out on that one: i tried tagging articles with keywords like "whisky". they never appeared on technorati's search site, although i pinged technorati several times.

interestingly enough, i never used a tag called "scotland", yet this tag's search would find my articles. i don't get it.

and: i keep searching for rel="tag" tags in html code whenever i find tag related links; i have never come across that line in code. very strange ...

I have the same problem when pinging technorati from this blog. I think it's a typepad server problem because I don't have the problem when pinging rpc.technorati from other typepad blogs.

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