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Skype and Antoin for lunch

DISCLAIMER -- I like Skype, use it as my primary VoIP service with Skype-to-Skype, SkypeIn and SkypeOut. I spend €80 annually with the service and save more than €450 annually in reduced international calling charges because of it.

TEMPLE BAR -- I met Antoin O Lachtnain for lunch today and one snippet of conversation concerned Skype. Antoin doesn't think it's a technology that a company could easily support because you can't get your hands around the technology. I know the kind of comfort level that CTOs need to have. I've walked through telecommunications centres where floor-to-ceiling racks held the gear required to keep all the voice channels working. With Skype, you set up your client, install your handsets and it either works or it doesn't. It's smart enough to work around most firewalls on its own providing you give it your permission, your log-on details and you install the client software locally. Dozens of my mates, including some with , have done that already and they're saving time and money.

Skype released the Skype API for Linux today. This should excite Linux developers as well as device makers. This new capability opens up a whole family of new, useful Skype Products like Skype on a router.

Bill Campbell -- "Linux Skype API released"