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April 19, 2006

Connecting third level research

WE ARE REVIEWING a steady stream of third level research projects in Tipperary Institute and as we do, I realise that only a few have an RSS identity. In other words, they are parked in cul de sacs with no obvious way to enjoy a peer review or community scrutiny. Some of these projects have elements of intellectual property relating to up-and-coming Irish businesses. I believe those companies could benefit from the synergy of reviewing the projects with an eye to folding in the best-of-breed into Irish companies.

It's an unfortunate side effect of most college curricula that we don't insist upon rigorous peer review of multimedia programming and software development projects. The requirement isn't built into the process. I'm just as guilty as my colleagues for not wiring into the deliverables a requirement for an online skunkworks section with portions subscribable by CTOs who are looking over the horizon for ways to bolster their business.

Several daily readers of this blog know what I'm talking about here so I'll let this short post serve as the marker we need to come up one rung of the knowledge management ladder next year. For those readers who want to discuss how to best do this during the 2006/07 academic term, please pull me aside during the Web 2.0 event in The Helix and let's chat about a joint undertaking. For those readers who have business interests related to stuff I often blog about, let me know whether you would be willing to subscribe to and comment on the progress of third level projects during the October 2006-March 2007 time frame.

There's a need to do things better for the good of Ireland Inc and I believe some of the groundwork lies in better information cross-talk, perhaps through a combination of project blogs and password-protected wikis.

StudioSix is where this stuff happens.



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