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May 28, 2006

Cork Bloggers World Stage

CORK BLOGGERS get mentioned in a commercial profile of Cork today, running in the Sunday Business Post. The article mentions several of the mainstream Cork bloggers who fill inches of web space every week on the Irish aggregators. While it's nice to see Peter Flynn, manager of UCC's Electronic Publishing Unit, mentioned in the context of the first website in Ireland, it's somewhat suprising to see an article about Cork blogging without a mention of elder statesman Gavin Sheridan.

Damien Mulley says Cork's active blogging history is down to a "history of working with the newest technologies." He explained how blogging gets rid of "spin and double talk. It cuts the rubbvish. It's more honest, more direct. It's more conversation than being talked at."

In the article, American blogger Randy Jordan says "Ireland has a higher profile in the blog space than nearly any other country outside the US ... (because) the Irish love to talk about things and there's nothing really forbidden."

Dave O'Neill said, "I suppose you could make the argument that all those Cork communities online are a symptom of the personality. Really, Cork people want to tell the rest of the country how great we are."

Roisin Finlay -- "Local bloggers punch above their weight on the world stage" in The Sunday Business Post "Cork2006" supplement, May 28, 2006.



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Actually you could call me a AmIrish as I am a citizen of Ireland and the U.S. ;-)

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