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May 06, 2006

Forum for Kodak Tasers

Front view of a Kodak disposable camera. Photo...Image via Wikipedia

THE LONG TAIL of this weblog amazes me because it seems to grow every month. Hundreds of concerned citizens interested in "the responsibility of protecting yourself, loved ones, and property" visit here to learn how to tinker with disposable cameras and converting disposable cameras into stun guns, stun gloves and stun vests. Although I don't offer stun gun schematics, my referrer logs suggest that I do. They also suggest that if I wanted to develop a loyal podcasting listenership, I'd include a "Stun Gun Moment" in every episode. As it is, several people every evening arrive, wade into the fray to "whine, bitch and complain about what freedoms they want and don't want" before leaving with ideas on where to buy the protection they think marks them as defenders of liberty and freedom. In Ireland, individual citizens can be excused for failing to engage with the call to protect personal property as passionately as Americans. In fact, I've received no request for stun gun schematics from anyone in Ireland and I have received only passing info about tasers on eBay. That may change the minute an Irish blogger is kicked to the ground in a street brawl outside a late-opening premises. Bloggers tend to be proactive about asserting their rights. I don't know if that translates into building a stun gun, however.

Previously on IrishEyes -- "Build your own stun gun"


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