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June 08, 2006

Podcasting on the Pictureradio

MICROSOFT MARKETING resents the term "podcasting" because it enhances Apple? [1] Not in our neck of the woods. I saw this tech story on our Irish pictureradio (TV) last night. Having an iPod in rural Ireland often means you have a Creative Zen player just like having a Hoover means you have a vacuum cleaner. Just like parents Xerox their office work on the Canon photocopier. Teenagers know the difference! Seth Godin would probably agree. [2]

Godin says, "Not only is podcasting one of the great names of our generation, but it could have been even braver, not less brave. If you've going to invent a new product that is more than just an incremental improvement, then that new product requires a new slot in the mind, a new way of thinking. Giving it a name that permanently links it to old thinking doesn't help."

Podcasting has morphed into a pop culture concept. It's in the dictionary without any service mark attached. As a term, it's both mainstream and descriptive.

[1] Dave Winer -- "Good product names are not descriptive, they are evocative, imaginative, new. Podcasting is a fine name."
[2] Seth Godin -- "Being brave with names"



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