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Robert ScobleSCOBLE WATCHERS can point to Robert Scoble's consistent reverence of podcasting and vidcasting so it would not be a big surprise if the main Microsoft blogger left the Redmond campus for Silicon Valley. That move is being reported by prominent bloggers, even before Scoble returns back to Washington from a road trip into California. Andy Plesser from Plesser Holland and the videoblog Beet.tv started the story, saying Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft and will join Podtech.net, the podcasting network. Podtech founder John Furrier offers “no comment” and Scoble is not answering his mobile phone at Vloggercon (well, it is after 2AM there). Scoble talked about doing job interviews in a recent podcast about Naked Conversations. He's a natural frontman and podcast producer, with the energy and vision of the bubbly John Lasseter. He is his own man, careful about being a Redmond clone or merely an evangelist for Dave Winer.

Scoble's departure skewers part of the repeat examination that I set in a Public Relations course at Tipperary Institute. As Darren Barefoot suggests, Scoble's new pastures probably mean his car payments are more affordable. I've heard Scoble defer from taking bigger rooms or charging impact items on the corporate card. He puts it down to shareholder value. I saw it as snow-white business ethics.  Scoble functioned like a four-man PR machine. He is that good and his wages should reflect that. 

Good luck, Robert! Historians will point to your citizen journalism as the move that gave a kindler, gentler face to Microsoft. You could talk the direct language that often disarmed the most acerbic critics. You're a big man with a big heart--thanks for visiting Ireland and sharing with the tech community. As for your replacement--how about tech evangelist Rob Burke?

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Image of King Robert snapped during IT@Cork, November 2005.

Buy Scoble's Book. It's a good read!