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August 27, 2006

MP3 over HTTP

FACT: My Nokia N70 delivers MP3 files over HTTP. This happens when using the Opera browser on the 3G phone with 3G service. When I type the URL of a podcast directly into the phone's browser, the N70's player presents the file for immediate playback, emulating a streaming experience. Bundle this experience with O2's gigaplan, and I have podcasts on the go for around €54 a month. That assumes I consume no more than two gigabytes of podcasts each month. Roll all your podcasts into BuzzBoost and you can offer mobile-friendly pages for visitors--fast-loading rivers of podcasts.

Dave Winer thinks, "We just need a quick way to get an MP3 over HTTP. These cell phones, with built-in speakers even, are good at audio." Yep. I wonder how long it will take the broadcast industry to cop onto the fact that newer cell phones can receive podcasts.

Bonus Link: Ray Edwards -- "Radio XFactor"

x_ref125ws mobile


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Did you install anything? Are you using the defualt Opera browser?

I'll try this on the n90 and report back. Using it on Cingular in NY.

Nothing installed. I set up a link list on a web page--one as clean as a newsrivr page--and when I use a 3G phone on a 3G network, the result feels like streaming service. With small files weighing less than 5MB, the browser starts to play as soon as the URL resolves.

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