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BACK FROM MY LOCAL shops with a question about securing a premises from what has become a routine of drive-by break-ins, I wonder if there's a wireless solution. Specifically, I wonder if something from Ruckus Wireless--that should be WiMax-EU--could be rigged up to provide a wimax mode of protection for a shop. Let me explain.

Wimax-EU plans to roll out WiFi hotzones throughout Europe. They plan to emphasize services and applications. I wonder if they have sentient computing services that bolt onto a UPS WiFi solution. Evert says his company will "invest heavily in offering web based applications and communications tools" so I wonder if they have a pitch for shop owners. If so, I have a soft target who will take a pitch.

And if the pitch lands a client, I wonder if Ruckus would sponsor a meeting in Cashel where people interested in technology supported over WiFi would get together and exchange ideas. Let the truth be known--I'm actually interested in the social dimension of electronic connections and I know it would be unreasonable to expect more than 20 bloggers to visit Cashel for this kind of a information session. But they would be 20 people looking for a security solution and people pay for those kinds of services.

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