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Nokia 9500IF YOUR JOB takes you on the road for more than eight hours of contact time--client-facing time where you're also expected to remain in contact with information via voice and data--you probably need more than one mobile device with you. Most people carry a laptop and a mobile phone. In my Bihn Bag, I carry a mobile device that is as good as a laptop--it's the same mainstream technology used by Louis Walsh when he prances around X-Factor competitions. However, it's not a 3G device and its on-board camera is low-res. Plus I carry a SonyEricsson P910i mobile phone for voice, music playback and podcasts in a drag-and-drop mode since it's not a 3G device. I do my reading through FreeNews (paid) or through Dave Winer's River of News model (free).

3GPhil Windley asks readers, "Which mobile device should I buy?" It's a subtle derivative of the question, "What mobile phone do you recommend?" And in asking for recommendations for a "device" the question insinuates the answer needs to accommodate voice.

I wonder how many people carry a headset and 3G card for their laptops? You'd need that kind of carry-on kit to consider your laptop a complete mobile device.

Picture of my Nokia 9500. It's more than three years old now and a little creaky like all pensioners. The newer Nokia E61 probably has a form factor more suited for image-conscious suits.
Phil Windley -- "Which mobile device should I buy?"
Dave Winer: You can get Over-The-Air MP3 podcasts with all 3G phones.

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