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August 27, 2006

Slung Mobile Devices

Nokia 9500IF YOUR JOB takes you on the road for more than eight hours of contact time--client-facing time where you're also expected to remain in contact with information via voice and data--you probably need more than one mobile device with you. Most people carry a laptop and a mobile phone. In my Bihn Bag, I carry a mobile device that is as good as a laptop--it's the same mainstream technology used by Louis Walsh when he prances around X-Factor competitions. However, it's not a 3G device and its on-board camera is low-res. Plus I carry a SonyEricsson P910i mobile phone for voice, music playback and podcasts in a drag-and-drop mode since it's not a 3G device. I do my reading through FreeNews (paid) or through Dave Winer's River of News model (free).

3GPhil Windley asks readers, "Which mobile device should I buy?" It's a subtle derivative of the question, "What mobile phone do you recommend?" And in asking for recommendations for a "device" the question insinuates the answer needs to accommodate voice.

I wonder how many people carry a headset and 3G card for their laptops? You'd need that kind of carry-on kit to consider your laptop a complete mobile device.

Picture of my Nokia 9500. It's more than three years old now and a little creaky like all pensioners. The newer Nokia E61 probably has a form factor more suited for image-conscious suits.
Phil Windley -- "Which mobile device should I buy?"
Dave Winer: You can get Over-The-Air MP3 podcasts with all 3G phones.

x_ref125mc mobile


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Manic travel delays around Dublin have defined another reason to sling your mobile service with you when commuting. Some people have spent three hours traveling one way home, often traveling less than 10 miles from office to home. Having some kind of mobile reading kit with you when trapped as a commuter is a smarter way of burning up time in gridlock.

I agree- we live in a society where we spend most of our lives on stuck on the road - we need to be better equipped.

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