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Twitter The Official Backchannel

DAMIEN MULLEY gave over a half page in the business section of the Sunday Tribune to Ireland's newest official back channel. That would be Twitter, the most viral communications widget of 2007. It is basically the "status" feature of Facebook with textable and subscribeable capabilities that work with straight SMS or instant messaging of all flavours. It treats those with continuous partial attention malady. It has an A-List. It has enabled microblogging for the masses because its simplicity facilitates easy answers, quick synopses, friend-sourcing, and treatment for those with short attention spans. It has also wormed its way into the Irish back channel. Appropriately denigrated for its banality, Twitter also delivers some clever 140-character pointers to breaking events, important cross-tell, and eureka moments. Twitter isn't for everyone and some people despise anything that pre-empts their in-box with superficial mutterings. But if you fancy easy text blogging, Twitter is right up your street. In fact, it is part of your street since you live in the Information Age.

Ross Mayfield suggests reasons why Twitter might fit inside a company. After several employees joined Twitter, Mayfield set up "for no reason in particular.  I posted the login in a private wiki page to let anyone contribute.  But when Moconner saw how simple the API was, he wrote a bot to let us post from our IRC channel.  Now we have a low threshold way to express group identity that fits with the way we work." Cool.

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