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May 04, 2010

Data and Power Caution for the Xperia X10

Data_warningTHREE WEEKS INTO my SonyEricsson Xperia X10 lifestyle, I have data and power warnings to consider. My online control panel with O2-Ireland tells me I'm using an extra 200 MB every week of over-the-air data. This will cost me an extra 16 euros every month if I don't control myself better. I've also discovered several applications that drain the X10's battery so I'm working around them. However, when the day begins with Barney (as in the photo and video at left), I know I won't get more than six hours of use from the phone. I've made an Audioboo about both issues but it suffices to say that if your Android phone feels warm, perhaps it's time to power it down and reboot with fewer processes running. In my case, that means not running Tweetcaster, AroundMe, Layar, Maps or NewsRob after rebooting. There are more details in the audio clip.

X10 Caution

Direct link to 12 second clip: http://12seconds.tv/v/ADAKT and to the Audioboo: http://audioboo.fm/boos/123994-data-and-power-warnings.


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I'm looking at the HTC Desire as my next portable media and connectivity device. The Xperia is so similar, and has a higher megapixel camera at 8.1mp versus the Desires 5mp. However, the Desire can be expanded to 32gb miniSD, but the Xperia is limited to 16gb. Finally, the Xperia ships with Android 1.6 with a SE custom interface, but the Desire ships with Android 2.1 which also includes flash lite, and is a better browsing experience.

You could suffer 5mp pictures Bernie and save some memory space. 5mp is still good enough for an A4 print. At least memory is cheap at the moment, so buying a few miniSD's will help your depleting storage space, but on the plus side, will make you backup more regularly (which is always a good thing!)

As always, we are still waiting for the all-in-one device. I'll still be taking my PSP with me everywhere too, cannot live without my media!

I bought a 10 gig data plan from meteor long before I bought the phone.

I can use the phone as much as I like and tether to my hearts content and I still only get charged 15 euro.

If only they didn't block applications.

I really like the HTC Desire too, especially since it's Android 2.x right now. I'm expecting an upgrade to Android 2.2 on the X10 by September.

I keep losing my mini SD cards but I'll have a few for the next Atlantic crossing. Along with two spare batteries.

I got my Xperia X10 last week (a steal, €129 with a Gold upgrade from O2) and find the battery lasts about as long as the one on my old BlackBerry 9000. Turning off GPS when indoors helps a great deal. WiFi helps with data usage, but also drains the battery faster.

Have you had any issues with the provided mini USB cable? I've found that mine won't work with my USB car chargers (not Sony-provided) nor will it take mains power from a non-Sony plug. I'm in the Netherlands at the moment (and stranded, as I was to fly to Dublin this morning) at the moment so that's a big problem. Looks like a spare battery purchase is in my near future.

After listening to your voice clip- you can easily turn off data transfer over 3g when in WiFi range. Settings > Mobile Networks > MMS & Data...turn it off when you have WiFi and you will still get texts and calls but no data. Or you can install an app called Quick Settings which will do the same in two clicks if you put it on your home screen.

Also, Newsrob (which I use constantly) can be told in settings to only download over wifi and cache for later reading.

Lili, you're a star. I have just saved a minimum of 10 euro on my next O2 bill.

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