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May 14, 2011

Flatlining for a Reason

Front Page Views OnlyI THINK IT'S NORMAL to scrape back everything and look at the basics. We do that with paint on walls and carpet in halls when we put brute force to projects and strip things to the raw surface. I'm doing that with my blog now and doing it with live traffic. As a result, when I remove all Javascript from my pages, I lose traffic count just like the accompanying screenshot shows. In the background, Typepad's counters keep ticking over, telling me that more than 800 people per day on average have visited my blog since Typepad started counting in mid-2003. I'm Twitterised now, so it's rare that more than 500 people per day read my blog now. That's down from a breezy 2000 page views per day in mid-2007, before either Facebook or Twitter got toeholds in Ireland. I think it's important to look beyond the numbers and to focus on conversions. In my case, I want to start converting Google advertisements into baby formula. For that to happen, I need faster-loading pages so I'm killing nearly everything that loads as Javascript and pushing most of the page intelligence out to cloud services where clever servers and API calls do the work. In the meantime, I'm flatlining my blog's visitor count and playing with templates to see get stuck into CSS and HTML 5 over the summer months. You should check back in August to see the final look. In the meantime, do you have anything to suggest that I keep on my blog?

I just noticed there are 4,230 instances of the word "analytics" on my blog. I should distill that knowledge into a more effective training course.

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Google+ is going to flatline a lot of people. Why blog when you've got better engagement for free inside Google Plus?

look. In the meantime, do you have anything to suggest that I keep on my blog?

Hey, Ray! Just post shots of lovely faces wearing Raybans. Get a good Photoshopper if you need a real boost.

You're pretty much on target when it comes to covering stuff to pique the interest of geeks.

Thanks for all.İt is very nice page and Article

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