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May 15, 2011

#ictedu Tagcloud

IT WILL TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS for me to absorb the significance of the ICT in Education Conference just past in Tipperary Institute. I helped Pam O'Brien organise the day-long event but attended it more as a learner, not an organiser. I got an opportunity to show Christian Payne some corners of Limerick that he might have otherwise missed and I saw first-hand how he leverages mobile technology as a storyteller. The close-up view of a Master Craftsman at work is something I deeply appreciate. I've previously watched talented sculptors, painters, carriage makers, pilots, cameramen, musicians, and photographers. Christian is the best storyteller I've ever seen. I've tuned into Christian's Audioboo stream so I can hear straightaway what he thinks of his time in the middle of Ireland. And I'm keeping the Vimeo clip of his Mobile Story Making presentation part of my permanent pocket bookmarks.


#ictedu in Wordle

Christian Payne is @documentally on many social networks. The ICT in Education conference has grown to be a place where first, second and third level teachers can connect and share.

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Thanks for the job offer Bernie - happy to share the 140 word TweetScribe task with @catherinecronin at any #ictedu, or other, event. I learn as I describe.

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