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Memorial Day Memory

Dick WintersMEMORIAL DAY RESONATES with me, especially since I haven't observed the last Monday in May as a holiday in the States since the mid-80s. I grew up knowing it as the day we listened to the Indy 500, evolved to thinking of those who have served in uniform, and spent most of my working life considering how I wanted my burgers cooked on the charcoal grill outside. Memorial Day passes without a Bank Holiday in Ireland, so its significance is etched in my mind as a result of working alongside men and women who are now permanently scarred from incidents they survived in the United States military. And I'm also reminded of the service of Easy Company, memories from history books and The Band of Brothers. It surprises me when I meet creative people in Ireland who also identify with the storyline and the inherent sacrifice running throughout that HBO mini-series. And it's refreshing to know that I'm not seen as a war monger when I play scenes from that production in several creative multimedia modules I teach at third level. Some of those scenes, and the image of Dick Winters that hangs on this blog post, sparked the comments I left on an Audioboo clip below.

Memorial Day Memory

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