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May 20, 2011

When The Queen Landed Out Front

QUEEN ELIZABETH II LANDED in the Hore Abbey pasture, an historic event on so many levels. Unfortunately for us locals, we were kept hundreds of meters away from her walkabout. On the day of her arrival, I tried to walk the Path of the Dead, something I do many days as a local resident but as my short YouTube clip shows, I didn't have the credentials. I could tell from the positioning of men in windows looking out from the highest vantage points that had I approached Hore Abbey from a familiar western pasture, a field encampment of Army soldiers would have stopped me at their perimeter. The Queen was inaccessible in Cashel and that was a big contrast to how things went in Cork. International newsreels presented her drop-in visit to Cashel against an historic monument with no indication that a charming little town lay empty and waiting a short walk downhill from the Rock of Cashel. In my mind, the Queen's visit was a missed opportunity for the local area and that's unfortunate yet predictable in light of the exceptional layers of security afforded her visit. I hope she comes again, perhaps using one of the dozens of tips I've annotated for her review in Foursquare venues in Cashel.

View on YouTube.

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