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Inviting Alexa into the classroom #ictedu

WE'RE INVITING the Amazon Echo Dot into several multimedia tutorial sessions to learn more about tools that favour immersive classrooms. And a surprising thing has happened--the students have accelerated post-production workflow of the 360 video recording that we create during some of the sessions.

Echo dot

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Pinning the need for collaboration #edchatie


I'VE RETURNED FROM an internal review of major academic programmes with the deep-seated frustration that we fail to execute meaningful collaboration at third level. I doubt my conclusion is unique because I hear the same sort of cross-talk during annual conferences throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Restarting Trello with third level students #edchatie

IMG_0392Screenshot of Robert Lewis inside Trello.

I HAVE THREE different identities on Trello and one big incentive to reactivate my Trello Gold acccount--my best student knows dozens of others would appreciate seeing their activities tracked inside Trello's friendly and colourful interface.

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I like to work remotely next to big panes of glass #lifehack

Biggest Scrambled Egg Service
Photo inside Quimby's by @topgold.

TO CREATE CONTENT, ALL I NEED is a strong data signal, some quiet space, bottomless coffee and writing material. The problem with declaring this fact in public is that I may lose the very helpful Surface Pro tablet that meshes all my productive pieces together.

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Teaching students employable skills

The 360 Classroom

Click on image to see 360 view (not in Safari).

I HAVE LEARNED a lot while watching young students learning real world skills. While many of my students want to develop skills they need in the workplace, some of these students are not challenged to develop samples of work they can showcase during job interviews.

I think graduates need to be able to point to work they have completed as students. That could be products or services developed during structured work experience, references from supervisors, or eportfolio pieces. As a third level lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology, I am trying to ensure everyone passing through any of my academic modules takes away a useful playbook or a collection of business intelligence curated in a Classroom OneNote (see screenshot below).

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Six Electronic Tools Used in @topgold's Classrooms #edchatie

WHEN I REVIEWED a set of tools on our Office 365 campus that I use to improve my third level teaching practise, I realised I should disclose to students how those tools monitor their activities. I'm thinking about how often I see disclosure statements on popular websites and how conscientious several education thought leaders have been when cautioning about the undesired effects of learner analytics.

I think it's valuable to know how active different learning zones are and I also believe it's important that I know who may need help because they fail to show requisite activity in and around learning materials their colleagues use to master important practical objectives.

I've surfaced six specific tools to offer explanations to my students about how I'm using the tools to track their progress.

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First Week Back Teaching

AFTER ONE WEEK back in an assortment of third level Irish classrooms, I definitely feel like I can point to major breakthroughs in managing large workloads of academic material. And my job satisfaction is directly related to the smooth running of Azure services that push Office 365 facilities to my Surface and into the hands of my 89 students.

Back Teaching


While I was teaching, my Xperia Z5 phone cobbled together a few images and created a little video clip that effectively summarises some of the week's activities. Although I could have edited the content to show only the stuff I did at work, I think it's important to let the clip generate a flow that seems to demonstrate I've started to get a better work-life balance.

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Another Year with @MSoneNote starting with exporting Class Notebooks

Exporting Class Notebook

I AM STARTING MY FOURTH semester using Class Notebooks and have learned from the experts [1] the importance of exporting and archiving old data as one large PDF or XPS file. Because of all the practical work contained inside those OneNote files, I have committed to saving those archives for at least seven years, a statutory limit for some forms of electronic data.

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Reflecting on Semi-Permanent Audiologs

FOR THE PAST seven years I've used cloud audio services to record and share thoughts. Along the way, I've discovered pockets of intense interest in distinct communities of people who enjoying setting aside time to create a daily audio logs. It's definitely a refined process if you intend to have your voice heard.

Rabbit on Lumia

Most of the people I hear through my earbuds have proper podcasts with decent production values. [1] They are storytellers and they have real content worth sharing. I also listen to people who spend time talking instead of tweeting. They're also interesting to me because they share ambient noise or offer casual observations of life without any pretense. They don't try to convert me or upsell me. They just tap their record button and share snippets of their lives. I enjoy hearing about their worlds. 

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