I like to work remotely next to big panes of glass #lifehack

Biggest Scrambled Egg Service
Photo inside Quimby's by @topgold.

TO CREATE CONTENT, ALL I NEED is a strong data signal, some quiet space, bottomless coffee and writing material. The problem with declaring this fact in public is that I may lose the very helpful Surface Pro tablet that meshes all my productive pieces together.

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A lot of smart people like @pjprendergast think student loans will happen in Ireland

College Lives Episode 2
Photo by @topgold during an active learning lecture.

ALTHOUGH I DON'T EXPECT to see student loans as an essential part of the third level system in Ireland before I retire from it in 1105 days, I fully anticipate co-signing a loan to help my under-10s attend the higher education institution of their choice. That's because the Irish government simply does not have the budget authority to restore funding to higher education at the level it once provided.

The fiscal reality is driven by European restrictions. When I first arrived in Ireland in the late 90s, Ireland could just print money or run to the international markets for a sovereign bond to get the funding line necessary to finance third level colleges and universities. But now, a financial black hole is leading to the concept of users paying.

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On the grass pitch with Giroptic #360cam

WE HAVE COMPLETED six hours of field work with two types of 360 cameras in the digital media module I teach at the Limerick Institute of Technology. I feel qualified to offer tips to other educators about using both the Giroptic 360 Camera and the Ricoh Theta S. The best advice comes from the students themselves.

In all cases, we need to plan the shots beforehand. I break down the tasks and designate roles such as key grip, camera operator, and documentary photographer. And the rest of the students are extras who speak or act in the 30 second segments.

We prefer to operate the cameras via apps that connect to the hardware via WiFi. The best operating system for controlling the 360 cameras is iOS in our experience. It appears iOS offers better WiFi connectivity to the cameras.

We snap still images that students often share on Facebook and we record short 360 video clips that we will edit in Premiere Pro. All imagery is saved on an iPad Mini 4 and then transferred via the OneDrive app to shared space for students to copy and repurpose. We display the 360 images online through Flickr and Google Maps. In the future, I expect we will use another embeddable viewer to serve the content onto student blog pages.

Battery power is our biggest constraint. We need to carry a rechargeable battery pack to ensure continuous operation of the cameras. I think I will fabricate a portable power rig so we don't run out of power while in the field.

My sports management students have used both the Giroptic and Ricoh cameras during six hours of field work in 2016. I reckon we will triple that hands-on time during the next semester as we explore more ways to bring 360 perspectives into the making of effective digital media.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology. David Magner snapped the shot accompanying this post while using the Giroptic 360 Camera on the LIT grass pitch. This post was sent Mail2blog using Three Ireland 3G Typepad services.]

image from http://www.insideview.ie/.a/6a00d83451945169e201bb09581bd3970d-pi

Teaching students employable skills

The 360 Classroom

Click on image to see 360 view (not in Safari).

I HAVE LEARNED a lot while watching young students learning real world skills. While many of my students want to develop skills they need in the workplace, some of these students are not challenged to develop samples of work they can showcase during job interviews.

I think graduates need to be able to point to work they have completed as students. That could be products or services developed during structured work experience, references from supervisors, or eportfolio pieces. As a third level lecturer at the Limerick Institute of Technology, I am trying to ensure everyone passing through any of my academic modules takes away a useful playbook or a collection of business intelligence curated in a Classroom OneNote (see screenshot below).

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Hands-on #Ricoh360

Ricoh Theta S in da House

MY WORLD COLLIDED with the Ricoh Theta S camera and I can feel that using it will take me into an exciting equirectangular realm full of surprise nadirs.

The handiest feature of the Ricoh Theta S is knowing both Facebook and Google understand its image formats. This means 9yo Mia could simply tap the screen of my Sony Xperia Z5 and record the video below. I brought the clip onto the Surface Pro 4, used Ricoh's free software to inject the meta data that told the server it was a spherical video clip and then uploaded it to YouTube (very fast upload) [1] and to Facebook (where it uploaded slower). I recorded at 1920 x 960 in 30 frames per second and that used two megabytes per second of recording.

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Discovering new perspectives in the 360 Classroom #ricoh360

IT IS TRUE what some of the most creative photographers say: A well-framed shot is essential to compelling visual presentations. I face very big challenges now that I have a 360 degree camera because everything could be in the shot.

And maybe nothing is in the shot because I can't fathom the lens parameters of the Ricoh Theta S that I'm learning to use. For the moment, I'm going to upload this quick blog post as a marker on my timeline and an announcement to collaborators that we're going to have a lot of fun making 360 degree content in the months ahead.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.

Behind the scenes with @YMTfm and the Irish Minister for Education

Irish Minister for Education meets @Ymtfm #Feilte

YOU HAVE TO ADMIRE the courage on both sides of an recorded interview when it happens during Feilte, the annual Teaching Council of Ireland Conference in Ireland. This morning, Minister for Education Richard Bruton sat in the hot seat while two teens interviewed him about matters affecting their classrooms today.

Feilte with Minister Bruton

If you click on the MP3 file above, you get a behind-the-scenes audio of the interview with some unscripted comments from the team and the Minister that establish how conversational the interview actually was--without any handlers vetting the questions beforehand and with Minister Bruton trusting the YMT crew with their broadcast-quality equipment.

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Starting IT Labs with @MSoneNote #LITengage

Three Canadians

BACK IN 1997, I started computer labs with a task list published on my blog. I'm doing the same thing in 2016 as I begin to show a new cohort of sports management students how to quickly move from desktop Office to collaboration inside Office 365. There's a task list below the fold for people who are curious about how I begin the OneNote on-boarding process with new converts. Several of the activities specified in the task list generate follow-up cards automatically inside Contactually, the CRM system I use with hundreds of students every year.

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Six Electronic Tools Used in @topgold's Classrooms #edchatie

WHEN I REVIEWED a set of tools on our Office 365 campus that I use to improve my third level teaching practise, I realised I should disclose to students how those tools monitor their activities. I'm thinking about how often I see disclosure statements on popular websites and how conscientious several education thought leaders have been when cautioning about the undesired effects of learner analytics.

I think it's valuable to know how active different learning zones are and I also believe it's important that I know who may need help because they fail to show requisite activity in and around learning materials their colleagues use to master important practical objectives.

I've surfaced six specific tools to offer explanations to my students about how I'm using the tools to track their progress.

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