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Bernie Goldbach grew up in Lancaster County (Pennsylvania), graduated with a BS in International Affairs from the USAF Academy, instructed in both the Northrup T-38 Talon and Lockheed C-141 Starlifter before spending several years as a Air Staff planner. He's now in County Tipperary, Ireland and he delivers third level computing and multimedia courses to students enrolled in business, creative multimedia, information technology, sports management, and digital animation programmes at the Limerick Institute of Technology. He wrotes "Inside View" for the Irish Examiner every Friday during the Celtic Tiger and edits in addition to and can be reached via text to +353861743369.

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According to psychometrics, Bernie is a meticulous and precise thinker with innate dynamism for problem solving. He is analytical and creative and has considerable curiosity about the cause of problems. He may have a wide range of interests. He has s a direct, logical, precise and systematic style in his focus and way of reaching objectives. He is concerned with perfection and does not like failure or mistakes.

He enjoys challenging tasks and emphasizes the use of facts and logic to handle complex challenges and to respond to difficult deadlines.

He prefers novelty, imaginative ideas and work that involves change and variety.

Occasionally, Bernie appears introverted. He may work as a team member, but may perhaps feel better working on his own. He is intense, impatient, and demanding in his relationships with people. He will display impatience if he feels the others are not doing their job.

Although he performs in adherence with rules and procedures, he is very independent about other things. He has an innate inclination for creativity and strives to attain precision and perfection.

Bernard has a strong sense of urgency, although at the same does not want to make mistakes.

Being a direct and competitive individual, he will actively seek to control the situations in which he is involved. In general, having to hand over control to others will cause him some tension.

He possibly perceives irrelevant social conversations as a waste of time. But he will talk back to you @topgold.


I enjoy running long distance when I'm fit and reading history more than watching television.