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KULLIN -- Hans Kullin does the numbers and reveals the Top 20 PR blogs, using a mix of hand-rolling and Technorati linkages. I did a scan of those 20 blogs and concluded that more than half of them rely heavily on technology from Six Apart. I wonder what the PR community thinks of that? The answer is straightforward enough--many of the MT users in the PR world have evolved to Typepad. Check the results yourself. Then bookmark these blogs, start scraping their news aggregate, and apply them to the best practise of public relations. Their combined aggregate represents essential reading for anyone serious about achieving successful PR messages.

  1. Micro Persuasion (typepad)
  2. PR Opinions (Radio)
  3. Corporate Engagement (typepad)
  4. Corporate PR (typepad)
  5. PR meets WWW (pMachine)
  6. PR Fuel (blogspot)
  7. Pop! PR (blogger)
  8. PR Machine (blogspot)
  9. Strategic Public Relations (typepad)
  10. Engage (MT)
  11. PR Communications (typepad)
  12. PR Studies (typepad)
  13. Minnesota PR (blogspot)
  14. Canuckflack (MT)
  15. Marc Snyder (blogspot)
  16. B.L. Ochman (MT)
  17. Media Culpa (blogger)
  18. A PR guru's musings (20six)
  19. JKL blog (typepad)
  20. Media Guerilla (typepad)

Tom Murphy -- "What's the most influential PR blog?" with helpful tips from Robb Hecht and Trevor Cook.
Mena Trott -- "Those emails and comments we get from people who are supportive and love our tools mean a great deal -- more than many can possibly imagine."