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RTE -- One day after Dave McWilliams aired his "Big Bite" segment on , the metrics arrived that measure the most popular blogger on the panel. A crude measure of numbers of Flickr page views was used to generate the result. The result of the viewers' poll of the most popular person among the six Irish bloggers on the show:

From bottom to top:

#7. David McWilliams (26 views) but he doesn't have a blog.

#6. Richard Delevan (32 views) but he has a bad tie.

#5. Gavin Sheridan (36 views) but he ranks higher if you count all the images where he's present.

#4. Mick Fealty (41 views) but someone has cited his picture as a "favourite" so that means it has been enlarged to A0 size.

#3. Jon Ihle (52 views) but he's sharing his photo with Gavin Sheridan so maybe he's getting a boost from a senior blogger.

#2. Caoimhe Burke (53 views) but she's the cover girl for the online photo album and cited as a "hot tamale" in a blog comment so she's stronger than the result shows.

#1 Sue Walsh got the most views: 100. Within 24 hours of posting the images, Sue's followers swamped the Flickr site and view her image three times as often as others on the panel. Sue wins--most viewers and deepest reach--in the online side of the Big Bite show.

Results of this survey derived from an analysis of the rdelevan Flickr photo album of the Big Bite. The Big Bite Album also appears in the Yahoo Groups for Irishblogs.