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TRIBUNE -- The 1 May 2050 Sunday Tribune's weekly review of features extracts from Brian Greene, Liam Burke, TCAL, Gavin Sheridan and Peerside. Excerpts follow:

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star. And you thought that you were hip now that you know what blogs are. Bah. The kids have already gone way past you to "podcasting"--using their iPods to listen to MP3 files of homemade radio shows. Funnily enough, old-fashioned radio executives are not pleased.

The radio industry's Independent Broadcaster's Association had a debate last weekend with a panel including execs from TodayFM, Newstalk, and Beat102103 titled "Radio in the iPod Age".

Blogger Brian Greene went along. "The event was poorly attended (15 people), for I thought the topic was pretty hot. The debate was recorded for web download, odd that the Independent Broadcasters Association will podcast a debate rather than broadcast it."

Podcasting in Ireland is an excellent resource if you want to catch up--presumably that group including the vast majority of the Irish radio industry who didn't attend the event. As of deadline, the website did not have the anticipated audio of the debate for download, either.

Not Everyone Loves the Internet. The Community at Large is robustly cynical about all the hype around blogs, which, considering most Irish people still don't know what they are, might be premature. Still, he may have a point: "The internet is good for what TCAL links to. Huge amounts of crap."

... But Business Week (sic) Does. On the other hand, as the voraciously curious Gavin Sheridan noted, corporate bible BusinessWeek dedicagted its most recent issue to blogs, setting up its own blog which Gavin rates as "all good".

BusinessWeek notes the more than nine million (that's just in the US) blogs that have sprung up include a lot of what TCAL calls "huge amounts of crap", but are also becoming part and pacel of PR communications strategies for movie studios, record labels, even auto giants like General Motors. The magazine sums up the untapped value--for business--of blogs.

"The racket is defeaning. But there's loads of valuable information floating around. Technorati, PubSub, and others provide the tools to listen. While the traditional web catalogues what we have learned, the blogs track what's on our minds."

Don't Drink and Blog--or Drive Along with many other Irish bloggers, Peerside despaired over the spectacular drink-drive antics of TD Jim McDaid this week. "(E)ven an Irish TD, who once spearheaded the government's anti-drink driving campaign, pays lip service to the rules of society that he has been elected to shape and enforce."

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Liam Burke is the first  Irish podcaster.  Brian Greene is the first Irish webcaster.
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