CMS Trends

Credit--Brightspot blog

by Angelica Flores in the Content Management Systems studio.

  1. Cloud Platforms are now becoming more of a staple within mass companies to regulate and store their data. According to Zaneta Styblova, it much easier now to for people to use cloud storage. Read more on the blog.
  2. AI integration with CMS is rising in popularity due to the workflow of specific companies. Some companies may not have the amount of staff to work fast enough compared to an AI that could optimise and sort its specified content from its company for their audience/users.  Source
  3. Voice Search is also now an integration that is rising in line with the AI. Many elderly visitors in the general audience of companies tend to use voice search instead of manual typing. Voice search is incredibly useful in assisting persons. Source
  4. Mobile SearchBeyond all platforms such as PC, a most commonly used platform for general usage in society nowadays is the mobile phone due to remote access anywhere provided there is a connection to a network. The use of mobile phones to interact in company websites such as contacting the company is at a large percentage for most of the general audience.  Source
  5. Personalisation prioritisation is lastly, another example of a trend that is now widely implemented in most websites be it eCommerce or not. It allows the visitor to feel relatively inside the website to enjoy the browsing experience making them want to possibly come back as it should be enjoyable to fiddle around the site. It also allows the visitor to peak their interests with that they enjoy most with the options they could have.  Source


Ecommerce Website

[Angelica Flores found these trends during a Content Management Session class on the Clonmel Digital Campus. Top image is from the Brightspot blog. The Flickr image is from Yusef Patel.]


After COVID, I feel that I should continue checking up with my friends that I have made long ago that I haven't caught up with yet from now on. I have always been the person to enjoy being inside their home in comfort with only just my family or loved one- but having the time to now actually live through the freedom of having my own time to spend without much force towards doing anything within it allows me to have the natural liberty to remind myself of the people that have helped me grow as a person.

Being able to work, play games and communicate with my friends online more often than ever before now that I am living throughout the pandemic is super enjoyable and okay with me. I am happy to be more communicative and closer to my friends I had made years ago online. 

I enjoy playing and chatting with my friends on World of Warcraft


by Angelica Flores

After Covid G.J.

Not much has changed to my life, I am just enjoying a little bit more of a freedom. Less hassle trough communicating with family and people in general, as before I would be, day to day in contact with everybody. 

My Remote Space G.J

The ‘Remote Space’ to me is the same place in where I grew up and matured throughout my whole life, which is my bedroom – where I get to spend most of my life time sleeping, working or even meeting new friends through online sites, games and art related forums like ‘DeviantArt’.  

The things that make me more productive and efficient are the reasons to what makes my ‘Remote Space’ enjoyable. For example- the processes of things such as keeping my room tidy and clean or where all general chores are done before settling in for a hefty time of creating or learning something new. I tend to keep things simple, neat and tidy so the less distractions the better and more efficient my time becomes, ‘I really try to keep my personal workspace as tidy as possible. I really believe there’s a place for everything and everything in its place, as the cliché goes.’ (Vinh, 2010). I love the way I can freely enter my creative space and no one around the house can disturb me. The fresh smell of duvets and the office-like smell of fresh and clean furniture makes me feel creative and determined to achieve my set out goals. 

In the end my setup is simple and minimalistic as it eventually does the job that I set out to do daily. (A photo of my current ‘workstation’ setup down below.)  


Remote Space

something to keep from covid

not having to be out at 9 in the morning.

which in my case means walking the entire way around the hospital and down to the collage

it takes about an hour walking half an hour cycling.

that means being up at least an hour before
so up at 7:00-7:30  to be in at 9.
and cold of winter makes it so much harder.

so being able to not rush for the mornings is extremely handy.

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A challenge in remote learning

one of the greatest changes I have in remote learning is that it plays into my issues with executive functioning. 

I have problems with timing and/or organisation even on the best day.

and having to work through a lot of information for many different things is possible but add multiple different time crunches, and i can get overwhelmed.

a  bit like a typewriter, it's easy enough to work away, but works too quickly and the keys can get jammed.

they need to be unpicked and find the place again.

then go from there.

those are my ideas any way.
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Battling Procrastination by Lauren Muldowney

During the 1st Semester of my 2nd year of college, students had limited access to the college. With classes online for 3 days of the week and within college for 2 days.  

Half way through the semester it was decided that our content be delivered completely online and has remained that way and carried into the 2nd semester of this year.  

Due to it being a remote space with nearly all students struggling to learn in some way, we had to adapt and find ways to make it work and to ensure we succeed.  

My biggest struggle last semester was procrastination, a vicious cycle of putting off work for another day, stressing about assignments building up and waiting until the last possible moment to complete them. 

To combat this, I have started to use a planner. I write down even the most mediocre of tasks that I will have to complete that day in chronological order.  

Doing this has helped me to get out of my own head and see that in reality all I have to do is a few small tasks each day. This method of procrastinating is something I will be carrying on post COVID.



My Remote Space


To say where the place I enjoy creating or discovering things is in a hundred or a mere two hundred  and thirty words is simply- my bedroom. Be it the bedroom back home where I grew up in or the one I currently reside in for my academics, it is to my self- the place where I undoubtedly enjoy creating and discovering things.  

From the little soft, crunchy, and delicate snacks that I nibble on to the smell of freshly brewed coffee that I lay beside me as I create my artwork or learn new things- I cannot ask for more. To sit in peace within the dim hum of my computer fans and the music I choose to play in the background, I will never find a better place to replace it to say the least. 

I choose to breathe and endure the small, sweet, and sincerest of most moments in the life that I have between the concrete walls I enclose myself in- and that is okay to me. Nothing can change what you know you love close to your heart. 


Flickr image


Remote Space

by Angelica Flores

What I Use During Remote Learning by Lauren Muldowney

My remote space is at home in Laois. Since the recent lockdown my coursework is 100% online and we cannot come onto campus.

For this reason I decided to save money and complete the 2nd semester from home.  

Within this space I am very fortunate to have use of; 

  • Faster broadband than that of my student accommodation.  
  • A Dell Inspiron 3593 laptop that can handle the various software's needed for my course that my previous laptop could not.  
  • Toshiba headphones to attempt to block out background noise within my household. 
  • A laptop desk for my bed as I do not have a desk yet.  

But having access to these is only the first step. There are so many other straining factors that every student must overcome to succeed within this remote space. 

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.