I asked Chat GPT about computers which were used in Irish schools in 1972
Shaping the future of second level education in Ireland

A little bit about MakerMeet Ireland

MakerMeet Ireland is an annual event that brings together makers, educators, and technology enthusiasts from across Ireland to share their ideas, projects, and experiences. The event is typically organized by a team of educators and technology advocates who are passionate about maker culture and its potential for promoting innovation, creativity, and learning.

At MakerMeet Ireland, participants can attend keynote speeches, hands-on workshops, and interactive exhibits that showcase the latest trends in maker technology, education, and entrepreneurship. The event provides an opportunity for makers of all ages and backgrounds to connect with each other, share their knowledge, and collaborate on new projects.

MakerMeet Ireland is often organised around a theme, such as sustainability, creativity, or social impact, to focus participants' attention on particular areas of interest. The event usually features a diverse range of activities, from 3D printing and robotics to art and design, and attracts a broad range of participants, including educators, students, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists.

MakerMeet were present at the EuroPython Conference in October 2022 at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

They worked with young students helping them to build an interactive snake game using Python, Raspberry PI and some tinfoil!

I fully agree with Chris’ statement in the video that Python should be taught to primary school students as they tend to absorb information much quicker at this age so that by the time they progress onto third level they are already accomplished coders.

Check out the video below:

View some photos below from the 2016 ICTEDU Conference which MakerMeet was present at where the kids made critters from wine bottle corks.

ICTEDU meets MakerMeet Critters


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