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Vega City comes to Lusk

Well the news is out - a group of Irish and International property developers want to build Vega City - the biggest theme park in the world - right bang in the centre of Lusk parish. Calling it the 'biggest construction project in the history of the state' the developers are out there now offering 115 000 Euro per acre to hapless farmers and landowners who must be laughing all the way back to the barns.

If you believe the developers, the Lusk Ireland theme park will cost 7 billion Euros, and provide permanent employment to some 25 000 people. A glass-covered dome will protect the ridees from the worst rigours of the Irish weather, while a conference centre, a large watersports lake and many apartments and hotels will be slotted in around the jamboree. Don't forget the casino.

As the Evening Herald pointed out tonight, wouldn't this be a wonderful way of turning a huge chunk - that's 2 000 acres - of prime Dublin green belt into zoned residential from its current status of zoned agricultural. No Hollywood studio has as yet stood up to sponsor the park.

This one, pardon the pun, will run and run.

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I think that the idea of a theme park in Ireland is brilliant although I am aware now that it looks rejected. I also think that the name given to such a park is so catchy. I mean 'VEGA CITY'. The reason why I say it looks rejected is because I just woke up this morning to FM104 saying that last night the Fingal County Council gave it the thumbs down. I myself only hope that this is just a rumour because after all this could be Irelands first theme park and the biggest one for that matter in Europe. As far as I know, every other country in Europe has its own theme park. However, Ireland only has a few tiny amusement centres and two zoos but where is the theme park? The Irish tourist industry according to some newspapers is beginning to go down. I think(if the rejection is true) that it is so Ironic that the FCC could make such a decision at something that could easily reverse this problem. At the same time, I think that the posotive points made about the proposed theme park could indeed be biast but nevertheless, these were much more relivant than the points used against the proposal. EuroDisney did bad at the start but it managed to pull through and I beleive(if the FCC said yes) that this one could too.

Posted by: Patrick at Nov 25, 2003 7:53:13 AM