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AskSam - Making Information Useful

I've started using AskSam to manage an upcoming project - I'm using it to handle a wide variety of research work and contacts for the project, the theory being that I have everything at my fingertips and not scattered around the hard drive.

As a lot of my research work comes, naturally enough, from the web, I can import this information straight into AskSam. Here's the best way to do it.

If you're on the windows platform, use CutePDF Printer to add the creation of PDF files to your printer list using this nifty freeware virtual PDF creator. If you're on OS X then you're fortunate enough to have the creation of PDFs built right into your print dialog box. Then, in AskSam, import your PDFs into the program by embedding them, and all your research work should appear within the AskSam file.

One problem that I have encountered is that AskSam does not import images in with my PDF import. Anyone know why not?

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