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Mobile phones as remote controls

Mobile Phones That Interact With Buildings While we've all heard the stories of new interactive TV offerings that use mobile phones to "vote" and the vending machines that let you buy via your mobile phone - it looks like some are trying to get even more creative, and are actually constructing spaces that can interact with mobile phones. Forget the concept of the "waiting" room. At Vodafone and the BBC in the UK, the reception area comes complete with plenty of interactive choices - all of which can be controlled by your mobile phone. This isn't completely new, and the article details some of the earlier experiments, such as the building that was rigged up to display SMS text messages running along the side. However, more companies now want to embrace the idea of the mobile phone as a ubiquitous mobile remote control.

[via Techdirt]

September 18, 2003 in Innovation, Wireless | Permalink


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