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Will Google Adsense change the format of niche weblog publishing?

Interesting post over at Nick Denton's site.

Here's a prediction: text ads will force weblogs to become more like traditional media sites. Shorter front pages, more internal links, longer content. The reasoning? Google Adsense, which brings text ads to smaller publishers, is already transforming the economics of niche web publishing.

We're thinking of shortening the front page, posting up more links to individual items, and encouraging the republishing of headlines from the site -- all with the purpose of driving more readers through to the internal and category pages.

Two of Nick's sites - Gawker and Gizmodo are already doing very nicely from Google and others. The weblog publishing tools are providing an excellent CMS for magazine formats.

Nick, by the way, was one of the original movers behind First Tuesday.

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