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GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

"This blog will serve as your personal guide to the campaign to re-elect President Bush, with breaking news, grassroots updates, and posts from campaign leadership."

Realizing the popularity of Dean's blog, Bush has decided to follow suit. Dean's is more, uh, "blog-like", but Bush's is just starting. Interesting to see the political candidates leveraging technologies.

Oh, and they both appear to be using MovableType, although Dean's site is the only one to post a link.

(Peter Raymond)
[via Lockergnome's Technology News]

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I'm 14 years old and I think that you should speak with christ.God has all the answers I mean he knows whether your going to be president for 2004 if you just let him speak through you everything will be fine on the dollar it says in god we trust so put all your faith and trust in god!Let this be words of wisdom!

Posted by: kayla at Feb 26, 2004 9:59:26 PM

Dear Mr. President,
Happened to watch your speech in the Republican convention at NY on VOA service to Asia.
Well Done! On Family Values & War on Terrorism, I apppreciate your stand, I genuinely pray to God to give you more strength through his Word and guide you and the USA.
May God Bless U & USA.

Jerome Anto

Posted by: jerome anto at Sep 5, 2004 7:30:52 AM

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