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Image Gallery Online

irish portrait photographyI decided to shift some of my photographs online and every day I will upload a couple more. Autumn has come to Lusk so you can see some of the spectacular days we're having H E R E .

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GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

"This blog will serve as your personal guide to the campaign to re-elect President Bush, with breaking news, grassroots updates, and posts from campaign leadership."

Realizing the popularity of Dean's blog, Bush has decided to follow suit. Dean's is more, uh, "blog-like", but Bush's is just starting. Interesting to see the political candidates leveraging technologies.

Oh, and they both appear to be using MovableType, although Dean's site is the only one to post a link.

(Peter Raymond)
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Ideas as Corridors

Ideas as Corridors The idea that ideas are a corridor is like saying that ideas are situated in clusters; think of the corridor as being similar to a particular culture, environment or zeitgeist. New ideas, situated beyond the corridor, are resisted, and people adapt to them in the following stages: they ignore the ideas, they deny them, they reject them, they integrate them, and finally, they make the transition to the new world view. This final stage is very infrequent, and very disruptive. I like this article; it reads a lot like Kuhn in a nutshell. By George Siemens, elearnspace, October 6, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

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