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An Apple is for producers - and Windows for consumers ;/p

indexguitaramp01062004.jpgWhat’s so cool about GarageBand is that it exemplifies the market that Apple is going after. People who want to use their computers to make cool things. People who want to be producers, not just consumers. If it’s possible to distill into a single thought what it is that makes Apple Apple, and what has made the Macintosh so enduringly popular, that’s it.

That’s why Apple’s industry-wide PC market share numbers are nearly meaningless. The vast majority of Wintel PCs are used as little more than modern-day typewriters. They’re just office equipment.

PC pundits pound their heads against the wall, asking why, if Apple only sells a small percentage of computers, the company receives such a disproportionate amount of media attention. The answer is simply that they’re selling the best computers, to the most interesting people. Maybe it is only two percent of the total PC market, but it’s the most interesting two percent.

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It seems you really have been seduced by the mac and all of the mystique that comes with its branding, a mac is inherently no different to any other personal computer- save for the fact that it is overpriced and poorly under-speced and very limited in terms of its application (when was the last time any one associated macs with 3d design - in spite of it being the "designers" computer) - the only thing that distinguishes a mac is its operating system (and styling!) - and this fact has become particularly more significant with the announcement of apples migration over to intel x86 technology - in fact, i am not bias but i have always found the mac to be a real 'out of the box' solution- a real consumers computer- sure enough -it may be more stable-but how many people mod or tweak macs? how many people really get under the hood of both the hardware and the software in macworld? - garage band, as far as i can tell is merely an integrated (and limited) feature of mac os - i personally use a xp and i wouldnt be caught dead using any microsoft software for creative purposes (except maybe office)- its like hailing windows movie maker as the ultimate film-making tool - why do mac users so readily limit themselves to out of the box apple software that comes pre-installed on their computer- would a real 'creative' individual not prefer to choose their own means- their own program for realizing their creative ends? - and as everyone knows, its unfair to compare macs to "pc's" which Pc's?

Posted by: Derek Dodd at Dec 20, 2005 4:06:54 PM