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CD Wow agrees to stop selling CD-Roms from outside the EEA --

I'd say it was a mighty blow against consumers - from the Register --

The British and Irish record industries have struck a mighty blow for [sic] consumers by forcing online retailer CD Wow to stop selling CDs imported from outside the EEA.

Upshot: customers will have to pay an extra £2 for each CD. Currently, CD Wow charges £8.99 for CDs. CD Wow's price increases could mean a big fall in sales for the company, considering that its prices will now be more expensive than many supermarkets.

And boy, is the music industry happy. "It is not the consumer that will suffer, just CD Wow's profit margins. They made a lot of money out of cheap CDs," one insider told the FT.

Source: The Register

January 21, 2004 in Civil Liberties | Permalink