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Director and Lingo Programmer Available IRELAND

HAVING COMPLETED A THREE MONTH SABBATICAL [re house building] I'm now available to undertake Director and Flash and Lingo programming work.

Need an interactive CD-Rom to showcase your latest product/service/show? Then I can do this for you. . .

My CD-Rom projects can:

-- Download latest information from the web
-- Scan user's hard drive and adjust settings to ensure optmum playback
-- Install to user's hard drive if required
-- Playback full motion video with no stutters
-- Fully Searchable
-- Install screensavers and marketing collateral [games?] to user's hard drive
-- Available for Mac and Windows OSs
-- Often fit on a small business card CD-Rom
-- Stings and idents created to polish the product - think of 30 second opening animations
-- Video shot and integrated into the CD-Rom if required

I am experienced in After Effects/Cinema 3D software/Illustrator/DVD PRo and Photoshop, so you get eye candy as well as a solidly programmed product.

Contact me HERE

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