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Weblog publishing sometimes benefits from the team dynamic - I have been involved with a lot of freelance projects lately, and my blog posting is one of the casualties of this.

The upside is I have so many mmore things that I wish to write about - especially some of the great software that I have used to get certain things done recently - like the Sygate personal firewall, the AVG anti-virus software, or the new MX 2004 incarnations of Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

And new ways of working - OOP in PHP, the Open Source Midgard CMS, and CSS2 with XHTML Strict, and the wonderful new Netscape browser - 7.1.

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GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog

"This blog will serve as your personal guide to the campaign to re-elect President Bush, with breaking news, grassroots updates, and posts from campaign leadership."

Realizing the popularity of Dean's blog, Bush has decided to follow suit. Dean's is more, uh, "blog-like", but Bush's is just starting. Interesting to see the political candidates leveraging technologies.

Oh, and they both appear to be using MovableType, although Dean's site is the only one to post a link.

(Peter Raymond)
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Must-link-to: ISSN and weblogs

Must-link-to: ISSN and weblogs More than a must-read, Joe Clark's Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN is a must-link-to.

[via Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report]

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Digital alters the news landscape

Poynteronline.org uses the Isabel hurricane to illustrate the use of moblogging. The site has links to the various photo blogs that have come online in the last day or two.

It's not that the journalism profession has seen an upswell in employment. Rather, it's because a growing number of citizens -- often, victims of the storm's wrath -- are serving as volunteer journalists for this major news story, their work being published by professional news organizations as a supplement to the reporting and photography of professional journalists.

"We media" has joined "we-tell-you media."

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Will Google Adsense change the format of niche weblog publishing?

Interesting post over at Nick Denton's site.

Here's a prediction: text ads will force weblogs to become more like traditional media sites. Shorter front pages, more internal links, longer content. The reasoning? Google Adsense, which brings text ads to smaller publishers, is already transforming the economics of niche web publishing.

We're thinking of shortening the front page, posting up more links to individual items, and encouraging the republishing of headlines from the site -- all with the purpose of driving more readers through to the internal and category pages.

Two of Nick's sites - Gawker and Gizmodo are already doing very nicely from Google and others. The weblog publishing tools are providing an excellent CMS for magazine formats.

Nick, by the way, was one of the original movers behind First Tuesday.

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