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Fernando Bryce: The Spanish Revolution

Fernando Bryce: The Spanish Revolution

Berlin, Germany

Few notice the floor they walk over to read the work of Fernando Bryce in the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. It's a heavy brick, strong enough to accommodate large manufacturing equipment. That means the artwork hangs in a serious factory setting. This fits Bryce well.

Since the early 1990s, Fernando Bryce has develpoed a comprehensive picture archive consisting of newspaper clippings, photographs, and printed statements. From selected documents, he then makes drawings using black ink which are highly reduced in their graphic nature.

Bryce himself calls his copying-orinted working principle a "mimetic analysis" and see the intensive involvement with the materials as allowing him a new way of organising objects, When hung in a complementary setting, the work conveys historic developments at a glance. That's the story in The Spanish Revolution hanging in the third Berlin Biennale.