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Russell Beattie's Notebook

Russell Beattie's Notebook

On the day of his final weblog post, Russell Beattie shared a view of his notebook. It's a Moleskine! At 0322 in California on Saturday 22 April 2006, Beattie put his blog to bed.

He recalls, "After four years and almost 3,000 posts I've decided to close up the Notebook. There's lots of reasons, but generally this is a continuation of the full-reset I started back in January. At first I was actually thinking about just transitioning to a more of a weekly blog where I write less frequently and was sort of cleaning everything up with that in mind. But then I just decided that I really needed a break, and that I'd really much rather start from scratch at another URL some other time when I'm ready to write again. Lot less pressure that way to do something new later on, and a lot easier to get out of the habit of posting daily now.

I've read Beattie from 2001 when he had the notebook, scrapbook and guestbook. He played with Java, the program taught in first year multimedia modules at Tipperary Institute where I am assigned. He started using JSP, shared opinions about the technology industry and went down the path of Radio and Blogger, two of the packages I also used. He has posted nearly every day since May 2002. Now he says, "It's time to move on."

Although he asks people not to stay subscribed, it costs me nothing to have Feedburner continue to scrape his site. Doing that will be an easy way to see if and when he turns the lights back on.