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Cluetrain Manifesto Withdrawn

Cluetrain Manifesto Withdrawn

ISBN 0738202444

It took six months for Amazon to find a bookseller who would send me a copy of "The Cluetrain Manifesto" because the book is no longer in print. It's still a popular title, especially for those who follow conversations with Doc Searls on the web. But why is the book marked "WITHDRAWN" by the Geneva Public Library District? Has someone higher up determined that the well-written book holds less value for students enrolled in my Public Relations course? We hand out "95 theses for the people of earth" to all students who study public relations during their multimedia degree course in Tipperary Institute. They're excellent starting points in forming a basic understanding of the multiple conversations needed to promote ideas, products, people, companies and services.

We have a special reading lists that extends from Doc Searls postulating how markets are conversations. From Doc:

The mass production of the industrial world led companies to engage in mass marketing, delivering "messages" to undifferentiated hordes who didn't want to receive them. Now the Wev is enabling the market to converse again, as people tell one another the truth about products and companies and their own desires--learning faster than business. Companies have to figure out how to enter this global conversation rather than relying on the old marketing techniques of public relations, marketing communications, advertising, and other forms of propaganda. We, the market, don't want messages at all, we want to speak with your business in a human voice.

Besides all the cool things that Doc Searls brings to the mix, I also like "Seven Ways to Tell Stories" which is included in the chapter on the Hyperlinked Organization.

Bernie Goldbach -- "Cluetrain Withdrawn"