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ISBN 0471683345

J.D. Lasica argues that many of the gadgets carried by third level students today would make them subject to claims of illicit behaviour in the years ahead because the entertainment industry is intent on locking down content.

In his book Darknet, Lasica goes behind the scenes with Hollywood insiders, tech innovators and file sharers who are engaged in a battle that will affect how easily we can carry around informaiton we have purchased or borrowed.

Many people feel threatened by a digitally aware citizenry and they want to lock down the ability of people to create and share content. There is a big danger in a future where Internet-based media serves only the interests of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Darknet explains these factors well, in the book and on the Darknet website.

J.D. Lasica -- Darknet, Wiley 2005. ISBN 0471683345.