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Effective Public Relations

Effective Public Relations

ISBN 0135412110

Effective Public Relations completes half a century of defining public relations as a profession, schooling its practioners, and serving as a reference for those in the calling. For many of those years, this book has been viewed as "the bible of public relations," often referred to as simply "Cutlip and Center." Both authors have played leading roles in the professionalisation of public relations. The book elevates their game to third level academic study. Many of the ideas inside serve as beacons leading public relations practise and study into the 21st century. They form part of podcasts related to public relations. Sometimes the book becomes the focal point of podcasts made in cars.

In Tipperary Institute, popular acclaim ensures strong coverage of Chapter 5, "Ethics and Professionalism." The topic merits a roundtable discussion with practising PR professionals in Ireland.

In Chapter 8, Communications and Public Opinion, the textbook explains important details concerning the media, the organisation and the message. Tipperary Institute unravels RSS technology as part of the extended discussion of the chapter.

Effective Public Relations by Scott Cutlip, Allen Center and Glen Broom, Prentice Hall, 2001. ISBN 0135412110
Part of the Open Media Studies Programme at Tipperary Institute.