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Icon: Steve Jobs

Icon: Steve Jobs

ISBN 0471720836

Steve Jobs is the man responsible for "the greatest second act in the history of business". The book comes chock-full of (unauthorised) stories and when you strip back the cover, you're left with a white cover and gold text on the spline. It's a minimalist white-hot Apple approach on a book that has upset Steve Jobs--enough for him to block the Wiley online book store from the Apple network. I'm enjoying reading it.

I can see the driven side of Steve Jobs throughout the book. From the epilogue:

Steve Jobs today in some ways suffers from the same need to be in control as when he forced his parents to move so that he could go to a different high school, the same intolerance that led him to freeze some of his closest friends and associates out of the Apple IPO over issues of loyalty, the same childish harshness that led him to blow up at one of Pixar's founders over something so petty as commandeering Steve's whiteboard.

All this from one of the towering visionaries of our time, a man who has reshaped three different industries and who, at age fifty, sometimes looks as if he is only getting started.

The book deserves a careful reading in light of Apple's hate campaign against Adobe.

Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon -- "Icon: Steve Jobs", Wiley, 2005, ISBN 0471720836.