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Steorn's Full Page Ad

Steorn's Full Page Ad

A FULL-PAGE advertisement by Irish IP firm Steorn in the Economist invites scientific appraisal of a technology that allegedly creates energy from magnetic fields. According to John Downes, "Steorn says the new technology allows for substantial amounts of excess energy to be created through a particular system for constructing magnetic fields, and that it could be used to enable the development of mobile phones that do not have to be recharged, and fuel-free cars."

The chief executive of Steorn, Sean McCarthy, said the technology emerged three years ago during attempts by the company to develop renewable methods of generating CCTV cameras. During the development phase, the Irish Times reports [1], "it was noticed that significant amounts of excess energy were being created, but that it was not being drawn from another source."

The company's full-page advertisement in the Economist magazine seeks scientists from around the world to form an independent jury to test its claims. The 12 chosen scientists would be fully funded by the company. The company promises to publish the results. So far, scientists who have viewed the technology have not disclosed their findings publicly.

Steorn is an IP company. You can sign up for an email alert to the findings.

[1] John Downes -- "Scientific jury still out on firm's claim it produces free energy"