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Wired February 2004

Wired February 2004

Wired, February 2004

The February 2004 edition of Wired has the weakest line of gadgets advertised inside. It also lacks a "Colophon." However, eight other articles make edition 12.02 essential reading.

  1. Daniel Pink -- "The New Face of the Silicon Age." Tech jobs are fleeing to India faster than ever. Remember that old Silicon Valley mantra, "Change is good"?
  2. Chris Anderson -- "Why coders and call centers are just the beginning.
  3. Michael Kaplan -- "Three Blind Phreaks." How the phone-phreaking Badir brothers ran rings around Israel's telcos for six scam-filled years.
  4. John Geirland -- "The Quiet Zone." Cell phones, pagers, W-Fi, Bluetooth--the wireless revolution is everwhere. Except here.
  5. "Living Machines." How the convergence of technology and biology is transforming everything from transportation to art.
  6. Spencer Reiss -- "Size matters." GE's Jeff Immelt is building the future, one billion-dollar business at a time.
  7. Jenn Shreve -- "Wizard of Id." In Charlie White's surreal world, life is just like the movies--a creep show full of killer effects.
  8. Brian Alexander -- "Immortality of Bust." John Sperling founded the University of Phoenix. He funded a secret program to clone pets. Now he's bankrolling the new science of longevity.